Rock bolting / Rock scaling / Rock fractures grouting

As part of rockfall stabilization solutions Green Orange Construction provides design and construction services for rock containment in place. Where other rockfall protection measures are unfeasible, the alternative approach may be to stabilize in place the boulder or to remove it entirely.

Typical applications include those sites with limited access and space limitations, where generally a single boulder can be clearly identified as critical: rock excavations, existing natural rock rim and slopes, hauling roads for mines, jobsite safety from falling debris, roadways and parking lots protection from adjacent rock slopes, tunnel and mines portals.
After conducting analysis based on rock mechanics engineering principals, such wedge equilibrium analysis and numerical rock mass modelling, our team identifies the best safest economical and technical solution.

Rock bolting
Rock bolting
Shotcrete application
Shotcrete application

These stabilization methods may consist of installation of external structural components, either to apply a load preventing incipient movement (active systems) or to resist the load following initial displacements (passive systems).
Fracture grouting is another efficient solution to seal together the rock blocks, applicable when the fractures are identifiable, have sufficient roughness and can be injected. Where the fracture conditions allow the possibility of grouting, we can seal the fracture and prevent water and organics from infiltrating, impeding the growth of roots. A significant factor in these solutions is the drainage since the water oftentimes is the main cause of instability.

An equally effective solution is the removal of the boulders through rock scaling techniques. Although influenced by the jobsite access and structure’s sensitivity, when possible, we eliminate the cause of the threat by removing unstable rock block or rock wedge contained within fractures. This operation is done in complete safety for both our workers, clients and properties.

Rock scaling after installing a pinned drapery system
Rock scaling after installing a pinned drapery system


  • Rockfall protection systems
  • Rockfall pinned drapery nets
  • Shotcrete application
  • Rock bolting
  • Fracture grouting
  • Rock scaling
  • Rock debris removal
  • Shotcrete application


  • Jobsites workers safety from falling rocks
  • Protection of existing buildings
  • New and existing developments along rims and hill sides
  • Protection of parking lots
  • Protection of parks and recreational areas
  • Trails
  • Roadways safety
  • Racetracks safety barriers
  • Rock excavations
  • Halfway up slope cuts
  • Mountainside slope cuts
  • Stabilization of existing natural rock rims and slopes
  • Protection of mine and tunnel portals
  • Hauling roads for mines