Rockfall Stabilization

Rock masses are formed by intact rock and fractures (or discontinuities). While intact rock has high geo-
mechanical properties, the fractures are responsible for most of the instability issues. Fractures are not
static, but they develop because of exposure to elements, growth of vegetation, human activities that
cause vibrations, and other unfavorable conditions.

Green Orange Construction Professionals design-build services commence with a jobsite investigation of the conditions of the rock mass. We study both the intact rock and the fractures conditions. We look at parameters such fractures length, number, whether the fracture is separated or not, its weathering conditions, the presence of water, and other parameters. This allows us to understand the conditions of the rock mass and to foresee as much as possible its structural behavior.

Rock Fall Stabilization

The main conditions we observe that affect the stability of a rock mass are the growth of tall vegetation, where roots development splits and isolates wedges of rock; the elements, where wind and water increase erosion conditions and freeze-thaw cycles cause instability; and human activities such excavations, where vibrations and the modification of in-situ static conditions cause stress redistributions that impact the structural stability of the rock mass.


Green Orange Construction Professionals offers a wide array of design-build solutions based on the
existing conditions, the sensitivity of surrounding structures, accessibility, and durability.

Rockfall Slope Protection

services are possible in those cases where the fracture conditions allow the possibility of grouting, which seals the fracture and prevents water and organics from infiltrating and subsequently impeding the growth of roots. A significant factor in these solutions is the drainage: since the water oftentimes is the main cause of instability, being able to control it may eliminate or prevent
the issue.

The most common service we offer for rock mass improvement is rock mass scaling. Although
influenced by the jobsite access and structure’s sensitivity, when possible, we eliminate the cause of the
threat by removing unstable rock block or rock wedge contained within fractures. This operation is done
with complete safety for both our workers and for surrounding structures. Where this safety level
cannot be guaranteed, we proceed with other means and methods.

Rockfall Stabilization Texas

Rockfall Protection Systems

solutions are aimed at stabilizing rock wedges or blocks using structural elements such as rock bolts and shotcrete. Usually, the types of reinforcements are classified as active and passive reinforcements. We indicate as active reinforcements those which apply a load to the rock mass prior to any movement while passive reinforcements are those which develop stresses after micro-movements occur. Rock bolting in combination with shotcrete or flexible facings are typically installed by Green Orange Construction Professionals as protections to residences, properties, roadways, bridges, and job site as temporary applications while excavations along a slope are done prior constructions.

Rockfall stabilization (or Rock Fall) are protective solutions designed and built by Green Orange Construction in the mining, residential, and commercial industry.

Whether it is a homeowner calling us for rocks falling on the property; a rockfall protection of a trail, road, mine hauling road; rockfall systems needed to protect
laborers working adjacent to an excavated rock slope; temporary shoring to support excavation for safety of miners working near a high wall, Green Orange Construction provides all types of rockfall protection solutions. Rockfall solutions may be aimed at containing and controlling the fall of boulders using pinned drapery systems, simple netting, or a hybrid barrier (or attenuators). In other instances, the block is prevented from falling through the installation of rock bolts, bracings, and shotcrete. The third scenario is when the fall of the blocks are intercepted and contained as in the case of rockfall barriers, rockfall berms, debris flow barriers, snow barriers, and rockfall stabilization trenching systems.

Texas Rockfall Stabilization