Waterproofing Contractors

Water infiltration can negatively impact a concrete structure, or adversely affect an excavation front.
Examples are those situations where significant water heads cause high hydrostatic pressure which can
be a risk for construction operations such as excavation. Another reason is that water leaks can be
problematic because they can transport contaminants, in or from a specific location. The prolonged
effect of leaks may be the reason for erosion and instability ultimately causing the collapse of structures
such as foundations, slabs, tanks, walls, and roads.

Excavation Waterproofing Contractor


Green Orange Construction Professionals specializes in stopping water infiltrations through localized specialty grouting. By changing the permeability of soils or sealing cracks in concrete we reduce the capacity of water of infiltrating.

We have been called on projects where water infiltration was causing settlement and cracks in the slab of a sedimentation tank, or where water infiltration was washing away
backfill soil from a large primary crusher wall.


In other projects, the geotechnical investigations revealed the presence of water; therefore, it was possible to anticipate the water infiltration in a front of the excavation by the installation of a grouted curtain wall as preventative waterproofing. Emergency calls for water inflow during excavation operations are also a common situation, where hundreds of gallons per minute of water were flooding a job site. Maintenance projects are typical applications as well, where existing concrete structures presents cracks that needed to be sealed to stop water leaks into basements and garages and other structures.

Waterproofing Ponds

Waterproofing Existing Pipelines

The grouts we typically use for water-stops are different variations of chemical grouts which are capable of curing in a short time span and perform well even in the presence of flowing water. Different types of chemical grouts are chosen based on the soil conditions and water inflow, water pressure, and other geological and hydrological assessments. An additional service we provide is pipe rehabilitation through reline. Pipes are at risk of leaks, blockage, and corrosion: we can provide cost- and time-effective new lining rather than incurring expensive and inconvenient pipe replacements in which timely demolitions and excavation are often required. We use
cutting-edge technologies such cold-cure UV-Led relining, epoxy spray lining, cement-base linings, and pipe jacking.