Slope stabilization / Soil nailing

Slope instability occurs along a critical slip surfaces which are identified during the stability analysis. The slip interfaces, which separate the stable mass from the unstable mass, must be intercepted with reinforcements capable of providing enough resistance to achieve stability. At Green Orange Construction we offer slope stabilizations design and construction services. Stability of slopes along roadways, landslide stabilization, stream bank stabilization, slope stability for commercial and residential developments, slope stability during excavations, tunnel portals, embankments, berms and levees are common applications for our services.

Based on depths, geotechnical and design considerations, the slip interface may be intercepted by using a variety of reinforcement such soil nails, tiebacks, piles, sheet piles, helical piles. Other times is sufficient to change in the slope gradient or to install a new reinforced soil slope, using geosynthetics and steel reinforcements.
Our soil grouting services may be used as well for slope stabilization purposes.

Reinforced soil slope (RSS)
Reinforced soil slope (RSS)


  • Green vegetated slopes
  • Soil nailing slopes
  • Reinforced slopes with tiebacks
  • Piles and micropiles reinforced slopes
  • Helical piles installation
  • Sheet piles installation
  • Reinforced soil slopes (RSS)
  • Geogrid reinforced soil slopes
  • Soil grouting
  • Shotcrete application


  • Landslide stabilization
  • Stability of slopes along roadways
  • Bridges
  • Property reclamation
  • Parking lots
  • Site grading
  • Slope erosion control
  • Levees
  • Embankments
  • Slope stability for commercial and residential developments
  • Detention ponds
  • Dams & spillways
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Trails
  • Stream bank stabilization
  • Slope stability during excavations
  • Mine and tunnel portals