Shotcrete application / Concrete pumping

Shotcrete is a fast and efficient stabilization system applicable on both soils and rocks. At Green Orange Construction we design and apply shotcrete lining for both permanent and temporary structures. When designed in combination with other elements such nails, bolts and tiebacks, shotcrete lining becomes a structural application as described in the other services pages.

We install both the commonly reinforced shotcrete (reinforced with welded wire mesh and rebars) and the fiber reinforced shotcrete. Each option has advantages and range of applicability.
Shotcrete lining may be custom finished for decoration purposes and colored to meet aesthetical requirements, as to resemble a natural rock slope for instance.

Shotcrete application for wall rehabilitation
Shotcrete application for wall rehabilitation
Shotcrete application in mine
Shotcrete application in mine
Concrete pumping
Concrete pumping


  • Shotcrete application
  • Decorative shotcrete
  • Concrete pumping


  • Concrete walls
  • Shotcrete walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Gunite applications
  • Driveways and slabs
  • Paved trails
  • Earth retention
  • Support of excavation
  • Soil stabilization
  • Rockfall stabilization
  • Tunnel primary lining
  • Temporary shotcrete linings
  • Backfill grouting
  • Contact grouting
  • Void filling
  • Grouting of abandoned lines